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Research Comms

Apr 30, 2020

Selfies often get a bad rap as being somehow symbolic of our age of self-obsession. But can they also serve a more positive role for people looking to forge connections with new communities online?

That’s the question underpinning the work of Dr Paige Jarreau, social media and science communication expert, who last...

Apr 24, 2020

Fiona Fox is CEO of the Science Media Centre in the UK. In this episode she talks about what it's like to be working right at the centre of the biggest news story of our times, and about how she and her team are working hard to make sure that story is being driven by accurate and good quality science.

Presented by Peter...

Apr 21, 2020

Professor Uta Frith is a developmental psychologist with a special interest in autism and dyslexia. In this episode I chat to Uta about her career as a scientist who embraced public engagement at a time when most of her colleagues still saw it as something that serious scientists shouldn't be wasting their time with....